Volunteering Opportunity

Dear MFF supporter, 

If you are keen to join our volunteers team this year (from August to October), in a much needed and appreciated efforts of support and helping us out to make MFF bigger and better, please contact us, Thank you! 

Alternatively, please feel free to contact Tarek, the Festival Coordinator on: 0414 155 366

Worth saying that we take care of our volunteers and treat them as brothers and sisters, and above all as precious and an integral part of our team. Your involvement will enable you to get some or all of these benefits too:

  • mention by name and due thanks at the opening or closing MFF ceremonies or at both, 
  • reference from Badayel House when needed,
  • – Work experience equivalent reference when needed,
  • attend free screenings whenever and wherever you are volunteering with us,
  • possibly getting some gifts and other awards when available.