Conditions and Festival Rules

Conditions for Film Submission:

Films submitted for any of the categories for the Muslim Film Festival should either be by Muslim filmmakers or content creators (if multiple producers/creators are involved, then at least 50% Muslim), or the focus of the film subject being about a Muslim community or Muslim characters tackling vital issues concerning Muslims worldwide.

For the 2019 festival, all films nominated for award cannot exceed 40 minutes in length. Special screenings for premiering longer films are available during the day at both events in Perth and Melbourne. Please contact the organisers for more information.

Conditions for Festival Entry and Attendance:

The Muslim Film Festival is an opportunity for the community to celebrate what we love about Muslim religion, culture and values, and espouse its values of inclusion, diversity and tolerance.

As per the values of this event and the organisers, any efforts at inciting division or arguments will not be tolerated.

Anyone displaying or verbalising hate speech towards any group of people will be immediately asked to leave the event.

Guests and attendees of all cultural and religious backgrounds and leanings are welcome and encouraged to attend this film festival.

While diversity of opinion and belief, freedom of speech and religious liberty lend themselves to animated and insightful discussions regarding the differences and nuances between different sects and faith communities, we kindly ask those necessary conversations be put on hold while attending the festival.

As this is an event celebrating the film-making achievements of the Australian Muslim community, and broader worldwide community in general, we ask all guests not to attend for the sake of religious proselytism (regardless if it’s Evangelism or Da’wah). We appreciate your cooperation, and look forward to hearing and partaking in these dialogues and debates after the film screenings and award night.